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The Leader In On Demand Construction Relationship Management is more than just a construction lead service for the commercial construction industry. We help general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers create well informed bids. Locating active bidding commercial construction jobs today involves more than just a few hot tips from other fellow contractors. Bid Tool finds tracks and manages construction projects early in design to help project managers get the word out on new buildings and new construction. Bid Tool enables owners, architects, & engineers involved in new building construction to disseminate bid information quickly & efficiently. BidTool is the preferred source for construction project reports in Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Kentucky, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. A Bid Tool subscriber has as much as a 90% chance of winning a project over a non BidTool customer! If you are a material supplier you can use BidTool's company tracker to partner with active qualified contractors in your area. Bid Tool works hard to ensure that project information displayed on bidder’s lists is delivered accurately and on time Take a test drive of the Bid Tool free trial today and see why BidTool is more than just a project lead source; will become The Most Important Tool in Your Toolbox!