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See why thousands of companies in the construction industry use BidTool to grow their bottom line! BidTool provides professionals in the commercial construction industry the tools they need to locate and bid more work in a competitive market.

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We do so by delivering the most innovative web based technology and making it as easy as possible to find, track and manage commercial construction projects. You can tailor the service to see only those projects that are meaningful to you by choosing the specific geography, project types, and stages of construction that meet your needs. Get new and updated projects alerts real-time by email. View plans & specs, keyword search spec books, and perform takeoffs right from your computer with BidTool’s Electronic Plans and Specs. Targeted Advertising gets your company name out in front of people who need to work with you today! Our FREE directory, The Construction Resource, gives you access to search our database of thousands of qualified local contractors!

Bidtool Project Search

We are setting the standard with our ability to show more projects, offer a complete bidder list, provide faster bid results and allow access to plans and specs online. We list more public and private projects to give our customers the advantage they need to grow their bottom line. Our Project Networking Product provides a unified platform for inviting companies or contacts to projects effortlessly. Turn your Internet browser into a time-saving and hassle-free way to manage all of your bidding tasks, with BidTool Networking. Our customer service is unparalleled. You now have open access to a live representative dedicated to helping you with technical and navigational questions and training during normal business hours. Your very own project assistant will help you find information on posted projects as well as those you are not able to find using BidTool. Our staff will go to work for you to get the important information you require fast!

Electronic Plans & Specs Online

If you have Internet access, you are ready to access electronic plans and specs with BidTool. Our virtual plan room is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Search our spec books electronically by keyword, product name and even CSI section number to find more jobs for your business. We feel our OCR (optical character recognition) tool is the best in the industry. We offer FREE plan viewer software with added features and benefits to help you increase your productivity and quote.

Advertise to a Targeted Audience 

BidTool stretches more from your advertising budget with SMART TARGET ADS. We work hard to place your company in front of people that need your products and services today and in the years to come! Advertise with BidTool today- our pledge is to get you noticed more often with less costs!

Construction Resource Directory 

If you are looking for a company in the commercial construction industry, our directory will help you find the right company FAST! What separates The Construction Resource from the rest? We offer robust searching capabilities, more results, and more relevant information about those companies. We provide company contact information, government certifications, as well as current and past projects. See why more companies have switched to our FREE online directory.

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